Medical Software Development

It is an exciting time to be considering new medical software and devices. Mobile devices have “consumerized” valuable hardware and software platforms. This has made it more affordable than ever to consider new devices and applications for clinical operations and patient care.

The Durwella team specializes in applied math and science across multiple industries, but we have particular experience with healthcare technologies. We have written software to send and receive data using both DICOM and HL7.

We are also familiar with the high level-of-service and regulatory compliance requirements of the industry. We have experience with FDA 510K filing as well as an understanding of the FDA’s guidance on Mobile Apps. We have attended HIPAA training and are sensitive to its implications, including data control and auditing. And we are familiar with the evolution of EHR and Meaningful Use.

Finally, we have experience with the data models used in healthcare and the unusual cases that sometimes arise. We will not be caught off-guard by patients with multiple MRNs or simultaneous modes of treatment.

All of that said, we are interested in medical software because we want to work on software that helps people. Contact us to discuss the future of healthcare.