Geology & Geophysics Software Development

Our team has experience extending major geology and geophysics applications including Schlumberger Petrel, Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD, IHS Kingdom and Geophysical Insights Paradise.

Writing a plugin for an existing platform is an efficient way to get new geoscience techniques into the hands of an established community of users.

We are capable of architecting the plugins to be re-used on multiple platforms. We also advocate plugins as a step along the path to independent free-standing software.

In some cases, helpful plugins can be deployed in less than a month! In this case we do not mind standing on the shoulders of giants in the field.

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Ocean Platform Plug-in Development

We can help with the software development process as well as getting your plug-in deployed to the Ocean Store or to your internal team.

Some example extensions that can be created via the Petrel SDK:

  • Custom seismic attribute generation
  • Custom Geologic model properties based on horizons, faults, well logs etc.
  • Custom data types displayed in the 3D view
  • Integration with other platforms (connectors)
  • Custom reservoir simulation

Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD Plug-in Development

Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD gives you the freedom to create an advanced volume representation of the subsurface without the limitations of a pillar grid. However, the Paradigm API is not quite as flexible and straightforward as as Petrel’s. Be sure to look to an experienced team like ours for custom software development solutions.

We have extensive experience with the SKUA plug-in API including the following data types:

  • Seismic data cubes
  • Well logs
  • Surfaces (faults/horizons)
  • Geologic grids
  • Finite Element tetrahedral meshes